International Program

The Western Fertility Institute Advantage

Western Fertility is the leader in international egg donation and surrogacy programs. Our intended parents come from Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and New Zealand. The use of modern technology allows international clients to be involved and connected throughout the entire process.

While some travel is needed, we are always mindful of your work schedule, long distance traveling and the need to return home as soon as it is medically indicated.

Your case manager will be there every step of the way, from the moment a match is made with either an egg donor and/or surrogate mother, until six months post delivery.

Our team is dedicated to making your journey as comfortable as possible, and support you on your path to successfully starting your family.

  • What sets us Apart

    With over 20 years experience Western Fertility Institute is located in Los Angeles, California, one of the best domestic and international destinations for IVF and third party reproduction (when the assistance from an egg donor and/or surrogate mother is needed).

    California is a surrogacy-friendly state and intended parents from across the United States and around the world travel to Western Fertility Institute to fulfill their dreams of having a family.

  • We are Specialists

    Western Fertility Institute specializes in offering domestic and international patients access to a wide range of family building options:

    • IVF services
    • Affordable Live Birth Guarantee Package
    • Egg Donor Program (Fresh cycles and Frozen Donor Egg Bank)
    • Surrogate Mother Program
    • Gender Selection

  • We can Help

    Some of the reasons you may need to come to Western Fertility Institute include:

    • Difficulty getting egg donors
    • Lack of surrogates in your local city or region
    • Legal problems preventing you from having children through a surrogate mother